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Peace under Our Feet

During a silent retreat, I walked along the Pitt River. It was a blustery day and a zephyr of wind swept a few dead leaves into the air. They danced there for so long–swirling, dipping, and cresting–that I began to … Continue reading

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A Celebration Fit for a Down-to-Earth King

For a number of years now, Fred and I have hosted a Christmas meal for a dozen or so people on Christmas Day at New Life Community Church. Our guests are folks from the Wednesday Lunch Club who would be otherwise … Continue reading

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Advent II: Peace

Why couldn’t I just settle down and be present? Have I not been spending enough time in silence? Am I suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder? Is this more evidence that I have ADHD? I looked around the sanctuary artfully decorated … Continue reading

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Love Mischief

God’s been up to some love mischief. I have three pieces of evidence. Last Sunday I preached on the lectionary readings for the day. I was captivated by an image I found in Psalm 116 which said that God inclines … Continue reading

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Here Be Tigers

People in authority can make me nervous. I’m always afraid they’ll turn into a tiger, pin me in a corner, and pounce on me for doing something wrong. It doesn’t make a lot of sense. For the most part, the leaders I … Continue reading

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Christmas Spent

I didn’t intend to have an unsentimental Christmas. It just turned out that way. I enjoyed gatherings with friends and family, giving gifts of homemade granola, and watching A Charlie Brown Christmas again. But the tinsel and romance of the season left me … Continue reading

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This Hero’s Journey

I love being the hero. I want to be the one that fixes the problem or has the answer. If someone is in great need, I find myself ruminating about how that need can be met. Meanwhile, if someone else meets that need, … Continue reading

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“Wow, what a powerful quote! It would be awesome if the world could live like this,” said a friend after reading this quote from last week’s blog post. You stand with the least likely to succeed until success is succeeded by … Continue reading

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Life by Way of Mistakes

“Sell the painting that’s worth the most,” I coached our eight-year-old grandson, Hadrian. Methodically, Hadrian lifted each small masterpiece in front of him and peeked under them to see their value. He passed over a Cézanne, which I knew was worth ten million dollars because … Continue reading

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Blessed Mistakes

I am a list maker. When we go camping, I have a list of everything we need categorized and updated yearly. I live by the old boy scout motto “Be prepared.” I value efficiency and love it when everything goes smoothly. That … Continue reading

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