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Love Mischief

God’s been up to some love mischief. I have three pieces of evidence. Last Sunday I preached on the lectionary readings for the day. I was captivated by an image I found in Psalm 116 which said that God inclines … Continue reading

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Here Be Tigers

People in authority can make me nervous. I’m always afraid they’ll turn into a tiger, pin me in a corner, and pounce on me for doing something wrong. It doesn’t make a lot of sense. For the most part, the leaders I … Continue reading

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Christmas Spent

I didn’t intend to have an unsentimental Christmas. It just turned out that way. I enjoyed gatherings with friends and family, giving gifts of homemade granola, and watching A Charlie Brown Christmas again. But the tinsel and romance of the season left me … Continue reading

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This Hero’s Journey

I love being the hero. I want to be the one that fixes the problem or has the answer. If someone is in great need, I find myself ruminating about how that need can be met. Meanwhile, if someone else meets that need, … Continue reading

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“Wow, what a powerful quote! It would be awesome if the world could live like this,” said a friend after reading this quote from last week’s blog post. You stand with the least likely to succeed until success is succeeded by … Continue reading

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Life by Way of Mistakes

“Sell the painting that’s worth the most,” I coached our eight-year-old grandson, Hadrian. Methodically, Hadrian lifted each small masterpiece in front of him and peeked under them to see their value. He passed over a Cézanne, which I knew was worth ten million dollars because … Continue reading

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Blessed Mistakes

I am a list maker. When we go camping, I have a list of everything we need categorized and updated yearly. I live by the old boy scout motto “Be prepared.” I value efficiency and love it when everything goes smoothly. That … Continue reading

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Our Darkest Hour

Tomorrow is the first day of summer in the southern hemisphere. But for those of us on the other side of the world, winter begins with the longest night of the year.  Advent comes to a climax in our darkest … Continue reading

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All She Wants Is a Door

“You know what’s making me mad right now? I’ll tell you,” Paul* said looking me in the eye. We were standing outside the entrance to the Greenhouse, a renovated house on the church property, waiting for the soup to heat … Continue reading

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