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The Gift

“Love you,” one of my beloveds said. I held these two wordsin disbelief and wonder.I wasn’t expecting a hug goodbyeor even a glance back.That didn’t meanI wasn’t hoping for it.Now, I was holding the giftI’d wanted for so long. For … Continue reading

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Honouring Our Elders

We humans are the young ones,the last to be createdlong days after the earth, mountains, seas, and trees. What might we learn from our elders whoawaken us with birdsong,feed us with nuts and berries, comfort us with their soft fur, enliven … Continue reading

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Resurrection Is Personal

Resurrectionisn’t just about living forever.It’s about living nowand how we pick up our cross,go through deathand becomea new revised version of ourselves.Resurrection is personal. This Easter, I entered the tombafter denying Christ in me three times.Three times I was Judas. … Continue reading

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This Good Friday

Crucifixion by Ukrainian artist Natalya Rusetskain You take in all our sufferingfeelevery violent act every hope destroyedeach final breath. From the crossyou seethrough our denialand delusions.No justification dares return your gaze. From the crossyour eyesfind ours. In them, we seeloveforgivenessGod with … Continue reading

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Left-Handed in a Right-Handed World

I do that, I thought. And that. And that sounds familiar. Unease, enlightenment, and caffeine gently pulsed in my veins. When my friend referred to herself as neurodivergent, I reached out with a “me too” and suggested we get together … Continue reading

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It Isn’t That Easy

It isn’t that easy. Jesus asks, “Are you coming?” I say, “Yes.” And then what? I’m not instantly empowered like a superhero released from the kryptonite of salt and sugar, egoic desires, or negative thoughts. Taking Jesus’ hand won’t prevent … Continue reading

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Are You Coming?

I loved the look of satisfaction on Jesus’ face. We just fed five thousand men, plus women and children, with one boy’s lunch of bread and fish. The scene continued to unfold in my imagination as I prayed with this … Continue reading

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I Am Fed

For me, church is often one long exercise of trying to stay present. Multiple times, my mind drifts off like a balloon rising far above the hymns, prayers, and readings. I find it again caught in a zephyr of thoughts … Continue reading

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Holding My Tender Heart

I’ve been afraid of rejectionmy whole life. Then I got rejectedtwicein one day. My head told me not to take it personally.It doesn’t reflect badly on them or me.It’s for the best. I continued on, but when I looked backmy … Continue reading

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The Journey of an Everyday Pilgrim

As I was preparing last week’s post, I felt nervous. I loved the concept of becoming more aware of God’s felt presence in my body, but I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to maintain the practice. What if this … Continue reading

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