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In the Heart of the Beloved

When readers open my new book, I invite them to open it up and flip it over. In the introduction, I wrote: Look at the whole cover. Take in the beauty of the image: vibrant pink, glowing edges, green stem, … Continue reading

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The Gift

“Love you,” one of my beloveds said. I held these two wordsin disbelief and wonder.I wasn’t expecting a hug goodbyeor even a glance back.That didn’t meanI wasn’t hoping for it.Now, I was holding the giftI’d wanted for so long. For … Continue reading

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Release, Receive and Return

For days after I heard how my words wounded another, I was visited with the recurring judgment that I was a bad person, an unsafe person. I was shrouded in shame until God found me through a Lenten reflection on … Continue reading

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Resurrection Is Personal

Resurrectionisn’t just about living forever.It’s about living nowand how we pick up our cross,go through deathand becomea new revised version of ourselves.Resurrection is personal. This Easter, I entered the tombafter denying Christ in me three times.Three times I was Judas. … Continue reading

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This Good Friday

Crucifixion by Ukrainian artist Natalya Rusetskain You take in all our sufferingfeelevery violent act every hope destroyedeach final breath. From the crossyou seethrough our denialand delusions.No justification dares return your gaze. From the crossyour eyesfind ours. In them, we seeloveforgivenessGod with … Continue reading

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The Standoff

Such a familiar place,this standoff betweenthe part of me that wants to andthe part that doesn’t I can list all the good reasons why I need to do thisbut something in me has shut the door leans her body against it and yells, … Continue reading

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Certainty and Clarity

We are gathered in a circle,and a question isplaced before us. Memories comevivid and sharpof feelingweighted by expectationconfined by shouldsinadequate when I failed. I sense  a groaning, a churninga pushing againsta wanting release. I give words to my nocertainthat it’s the … Continue reading

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I Am Fed

For me, church is often one long exercise of trying to stay present. Multiple times, my mind drifts off like a balloon rising far above the hymns, prayers, and readings. I find it again caught in a zephyr of thoughts … Continue reading

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Five Hundred

five hundred postsover almost nine years one hundred and three months oflistening and feeling naming and holdingwhat I experience on my pilgrimage of life weekly episodes of reality TVhonouring what is and what isn’tsharing our common humanityand the love mischief of … Continue reading

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Holding My Tender Heart

I’ve been afraid of rejectionmy whole life. Then I got rejectedtwicein one day. My head told me not to take it personally.It doesn’t reflect badly on them or me.It’s for the best. I continued on, but when I looked backmy … Continue reading

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