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Right Where I Am

I looked at this drawing of an injured bird and felt tender inside. I lingered for a while with that feeling and the sense of being held. Then, in the retreat’s spacious silence, I reflected on a poem by Mary … Continue reading

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Sometimes I Don’t Care

Sometimes I don’t care and I don’t care that I don’t care. I’m tired of feeling guilty for my lack of compassion for eating too much for not trying to be more Christlike and I don’t want to figure out … Continue reading

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“You’re the only one here who isn’t retired,” my brother said to me. I was with two of my siblings and their spouses at my brother’s cottage in Minnesota. They were planning a trip to France next year and welcomed … Continue reading

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God Desires Us

Today I am on the last day of my eight-day retreat. So I offer you this post from 2015  which illustrates the loving God I am retreating with.  “You can’t catch the Macdonald bus here,” a man says to me at … Continue reading

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A Belated Valentine for You

Lately, I’ve been writing my posts on the week I publish them. But this week I was on Bowen Island co-facilitating the Living from the Heart course, so I knew I needed a stand-in. I found one, or should I … Continue reading

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Purple Everywhere

John and Peter rush to the tomb. If it’s empty, as she said, then– Prayers rise to their lips leap from their hands. God runs to meet them, spilling purple everywhere.   Credits and References: Painting of the disciples Peter and … Continue reading

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Writing a Prayer

My friend wrote this icon. “You don’t paint icons,” she said. “You write them. You are writing a prayer. “You begin with a small brush. Then use smaller and smaller ones.” She entered the tomb with her brushes, paint and trepidation. … Continue reading

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Our Hands Have Touched God

That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked at and our hands have touched—this we proclaim concerning the Word of life. —1 John 1:1 On this day, my prayer takes … Continue reading

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Ash Wednesday

Pilgrimage Ash Wednesday He’s on the road PUT waiting for me today we begin a forty day walk to Jerusalem I lace up my shoes and follow PUT from a safe distance but it’s bound to happen His eyes will catch mine … Continue reading

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The Word Became Flesh

Emmanuel when Jesus came he didn’t sneak in through the back door of poverty selling magic tricks for applause no Jesus came poor entered every day of every life and never left The Word became flesh and blood,     and moved into … Continue reading

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