This Journey Begins

When we pray, God is usually silent. This makes relating to God awkward, to say the least.  Books have been written over the centuries that tell us how to overcome this problem, but few show us. No matter how many books on prayer I read, I continued to cry out, “But what does that look like for me right now?”

God heard my prayer and answered by showing me the stories in my life. As I paid attention to these stories, I learned a lot about how God speaks and what he/she has to say. Over the past ten years I have collected over sixty true stories, essays and poems that describe how I have interacted with God on life’s journey and entitled the collection: Stories of an Everyday Pilgrim. I hope to publish this book soon, and I will keep you posted on its progress. Click on “Published Works” to read a few of the stories.

But in the meantime life keeps happening and I keep bumping into God.

Ed Dahl

I’m guessing you have similar experiences. So why don’t we journey together? We can share our stories about how we hear the still small voice of God in our day-to-day life.

Our stories help each other—especially the tired, discouraged, or disillusioned—find our way home to God. We can down a story in five minutes, digest it while we get dressed and brush our teeth. And while we’re teaching a class, standing in a line up, or preparing a meal, something in the story we just read makes its way into our bloodstream, flows through the heart of our experiences and—when we least expect it—emerges with a gift.

So, at least weekly, I will post a story, poem, or thought that I suspect has come from God. I look forward to hearing what that leads to in your life.

BTW the background photo is by Ed Dahl who also happens to be an amazing chef and musician. Thanks, Ed & Ingrid, for the great 5 course mushroom extravaganza Wednesday night. It almost made losing at Scrabble ok.

Photo Credit:
Ed Dahl. Used with permission.
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About Esther Hizsa

Esther is a spiritual director and writer. She lives in Burnaby with her husband, Fred, and they have two grown children and two grandchildren.
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30 Responses to This Journey Begins

  1. retropritz says:

    Congratulations! Looking forward to reading your blog!


  2. As usual very touching on other peoples’ souls. All of us really going the same way.


  3. S Tan says:

    You Rock!


  4. Susan Ferguson says:

    Dear Esther, This is wonderful. I am so looking forward to sharing this part of your journey with you. Hoping your book gets published, would love a copy. Beautiful beautiful beautiful. In case you can’t remember me, we met at the SoulStream partners retreat. I loved the connection we made and this is yet another one. Thank you.
    Find your song, and sing it!
    Warmly with love and hugs
    Susan Ferguson


  5. Eric Elford says:

    Congrats Esther on your new blog. I’ll look forward to reading it. Blessings


  6. Audrey Hoehn says:

    Wonderful idea Esther, I look forward to sharing in your journey!


  7. Sylvia Frehner says:

    Hey there “Sis”: Congratulations on the blog. It will be extra special for me to share your writing and life experiences this way. I particularly like the top photograph – well chosen. Now you are launched… go for it!


  8. Laurie McGillivray says:

    This is great Esther! I love it and will be tuned in


  9. Jeff Imbach says:

    So great, Esther! I am glad to be part of your life and to see this unfold. You have much to offer the world! Jeff


    • estherhizsa says:

      Thanks, Jeff. That means a lot to me. It’s a big learning curve, but I sense God’s delight and keep in mind what Jesus gave me at the SoulStream retreat: “Just put your hand in Mine and we’ll do it one step at a time.”


  10. That’s great Esther. What’s “whispered in the ear” should always find a way to be “yelled from the rooftops.” Grace to you,


    • estherhizsa says:

      Thanks, Rob. May God bless you in your pilgrimage abroad and at home. Thank you for sharing your meditations with us. We used your recent one on Jesus calming the storm at our silent retreat Monday. For the first time I saw that “the great calm” Jesus brought simply displayed his inner countenance. And we are invited to put fear aside and join him there. Wow. Thanks for leading us deeper into that passage. I am still walking around with one of the questions you included. Thanks again.
      BTW I have added the Imago Dei link above.


  11. Good on ya, Esther. Love your spirit. Keep ’em comin’.


  12. Congratulations Esther


  13. Janet WHITE says:

    Lovely words…


  14. Ron Frehner says:

    Nice Blog! I am looking forward to reading more. Lots of love, Ron


  15. Janet Hill says:

    Your gentle wisdom shines through bringing light and life to the moments of our days!


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