Pause for Perspective by City in Focus

Deepening Our Awareness of God

Friday, August 25, 2017    |  9.30-1 pm
St. Augustine’s Parish Centre, Kitsilano

Led by Esther Hizsa

Despite all evidence to the contrary, God is present—always working in our lives to redeem us and all things in Christ. Despite all evidence to the contrary, we are rooted and grounded in a love that is wider, deeper, and higher than we can imagine.

The Bible says it, but it’s hard to believe sometimes. We’d like more evidence that it’s true.

As we take time away with Christ, our awareness of God’s loving action in our lives is deepened. We begin to notice God’s presence and gather that evidence. We discover that God is, in fact, with us, in us and for us.

Come and spend a morning with God. We will listen to stories and scripture and spend short periods of time in silent prayer, receiving what our hearts long to hear. 

Esther Hizsa is a local spiritual director, co-facilitator of SoulStream’s Living From The Heart course and author of Stories of an Everyday Pilgrim. She posts weekly reflections on her blog An Everyday Pilgrim


Cost – $50, lunch included.


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Schedule Esther to speak at your next event!

Esther Book signingLooking for a speaker for a small gathering, retreat, or large event? Author and spiritual director, Esther Hizsa, is a gifted communicator and facilitator. Sharing stories from her everyday life, she helps listeners open to God’s love, deepen in prayer, and find God in their everyday life.

More about Esther

More about Stories of an Everyday Pilgrim


Esther is available for:

  • Readings from Stories of an Everyday Pilgrim
  • Men’s or women’s breakfasts or evening gatherings
  • One-day or half-day retreat
  • Preaching
  • Weekend retreat
  • Day retreat co-led with spiritual director, Chris Chiu, “God: Closer than We Imagine”


  • Finding God in Our Everyday Lives
  • The Transforming Power of Compassion: From God, For Myself, For Others
  • Praying in Silence
  • Praying with our Emotions
  • Our Deepest Shame & God’s Deeper Love
  • Ignatian Spirituality
  • Love Mischief for the World

Contact Esther

Photo Credits:
Banner: “Hummingbird” by Ed Dahl. Used with permission.
“Rushing Waters” by Simon Varwell. Used with permission.
Book signing photo by Farida Somjee. Used with permission.

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