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“Silence is a window to the soul, and the soul is a window to God.” —Fr. Christopher Jamison

This retreat is designed for anyone who would like a silent, guided prayer retreat, for anyone who is considering participating in the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises or anyone who would like to experience these Ignatian ways of praying: Lectio Divina, Joyful Mysteries, Gospel Contemplation (Praying with your imagination) and Prayer of Examen.

DATE/TIME: Friday, February 19, 6:30 pm to Sunday, February 21, noon (PT).

LOCATION: via Zoom

COST: $100 – Register early. Spaces are limited.

Register here:


  • Silence is observed after the first session Friday until meeting at 11 am Sunday.
  • Four 30 minute group input sessions
  • Six 45-60 minute periods for assigned personal prayer
  • Three 15 minute one-on-one spiritual direction sessions

In this non-residential retreat, participants are encouraged to “vacation with the Lord” in a physical space conducive to maintaining silence.


Esther HizsaEsther Hizsa has completed and accompanied people praying the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises Retreat in Daily Life (Annotation 19) with JSAV (Jesuit Apostolate Spirituality of Vancouver). She has an M Div from Regent College, co-facilitates Living from the Heart and is on the Leadership Team of SoulStream. She posts weekly on her blog An Everyday Pilgrim and is the author of Stories of an Everyday Pilgrim and Seed Cracked OpenEsther attends St. Stephen the Martyr Church in Burnaby.

Sally RingdahlSally Ringdahl is a spiritual director who received her training through the Soul Guiding Program offered by Pacific Jubilee. Her Ignatian experiences include completing the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius Annotation 19 (JSAV) and Annotation 18 (Boston College). Sally has recently retired from a rewarding career of teaching rambunctious adolescents within the Vancouver School Board. Life now is quieter but not nearly as much fun! She currently has the pleasure of participating in Christian Life Community which is based in her home parish of St Mark’s at UBC.

Esther Hizsa, Sally Ringdahl and directors from the Jesuit Spirituality Apostolate of Vancouver (JSAV): Thelma Siglos, and Katherine Tam.

What participants said about SoulStream’s first Ignatian online retreat:

“This retreat offered me an opportunity to have encounters with God like never before. It has opened a door for me that I didn’t know exists.”

“I was guided with grace and tender wisdom. I met my God in each prayer initiative and was encouraged to listen for the heart of Jesus’ love for me, as I met with my director. Our weekend was well planned and flowed gently in the Spirit’s movements. As we shared together on Sunday, it was evident that we were met and experienced an encounter with God that was unique to each of us.”

“The Introduction to Ignatian Prayer retreat was a highlight of my year! Thank you for making it available online.”

* * *

SoulStream Presents:

THE WAY OF COMPASSION: A Lenten Prayer Retreat

Titian (1490-1576)

Saturday, March 27, 2021
9:00 am – 3:00 pm (PT) Online

When you regarded me
Your eyes imprinted your grace in me,
In this, you loved me again,
And thus my eyes merited
To also love what you see in me . . .
Let us go forth together to see ourselves in Your beauty.
—St. John of the Cross
Spiritual Canticle 32, 33

Compassion is “deep awareness of the suffering of another accompanied by the wish to relieve it.” Suffering is inevitable in this life, and God sees ours. Isaiah 30:18 says, “The Eternal One yearns to give you grace and boundless compassion.” What would it be like to receive all the compassion God yearns to give? How might that change your experience of suffering and how you respond to the suffering of others? Join us for a gentle, quiet day of reflection on suffering and compassion. The format will include input, opportunities to reflect and pray in silence, and small group sharing (optional).

DATE: Saturday, March 27, 2021
TIME: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm (PT)
LOCATION: Online via Zoom
COST: $40

To Register go to


Esther Hizsa
Esther Hizsa

Esther Hizsa is a spiritual director, co-facilitator of SoulStream’s Living from the Heart and author of Stories of an Everyday Pilgrim, Seed Cracked Open and her blog An Everyday Pilgrim. She and her husband attend St. Stephen the Martyr Anglican Church.

Rod Janz
Rod Janz

Rod Janz is a spiritual formation companion, contemplative prayer and meditation retreat leader, husband and father. He also has over 25 years of business experience in Real Estate and marketing. For Rod, the day begins with a little spiritual reading and a contemplative walk in Shoreline Park.

Maureen Miller
Maureen Miller

Maureen Miller is a spiritual director and co-facilitator of Living from the Heart. She lives in Kelowna where she enjoys the wonder and beauty of the valley with her husband.

All proceeds go to SoulStream Initiatives, a non-profit organization that seeks to support the contemplative lifestyle and encourage others to live authentically with Jesus.


Photo Credits:
Banner: Candle by Shawn Carpenter. Used with permission.
Butterfly by Ben Grey. Used with permission.
Banner: “Hummingbird” by Ed Dahl. Used with permission.

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