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Living from the Heart

Living from the Heart offers a learning community that invites participants to deepen their experience of intimacy with Jesus. Biblically, the heart is the very core of life out of which intellect, emotions, and intentions flow. Opening to God’s heart of love with our whole heart, especially in our most broken places, brings a healing integration within and provides the courage to offer our lives in loving compassion to the world around us.

Course Content

The Way of the Heart: opens us to encounter God personally, integrates body, soul, mind, and spirit, and helps us live out of who we truly are in Christ.

Spiritual Awareness and Receptivity: We explore ways to become more open to respond to God’s presence in all of life and identify what inhibits our receptivity.

Spiritual Transformation: We gain a deep sensitivity to the dimensions of spiritual transformation into Jesus’ image, coming to freedom in our deepest truth in God, dealing with the masks we hide behind, and cultivating spiritual practices that support our life in God.

Contemplative Prayer and Discernment: We come to understand that prayer is responsiveness to the living and active presence of the Holy Spirit, learn ancient contemplative practices, and discover how prayer is integrated into all of life and deepens our ability to discern God’s will.

Contemplative Living: As Jesus’s friends, we are called to love our neighbour, care for the earth, and seek justice. With joy, we discover that our response to the world becomes a natural outflow of contemplative prayer and practice.

Learning and Teaching Approaches

A variety of collaborative learning and teaching approaches are used including mini-presentations; short, structured written personal reflections on assigned reading; demonstrations; small group discussion and activities. Participants will be invited to engage their imaginations with the use of textures, colours, music, poetry, prayers—and plain old fun! Between teaching times, we encourage mutual support among participants through community gatherings. The small team of facilitators provides feedback on reflection papers and offers what they teach honestly and vulnerably, sharing experiences from their own lives.

Requirements for Participants

  • Full participation in the teaching days or intensives
  • Full participation in monthly small group sessions
  • Reading and reflective book response
  • Receiving regular spiritual direction

For testimonies of past participants, course locations and other details go here.

Photo Credits:
Banner: “Hummingbird” by Ed Dahl. Used with permission.

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