Other Published Works

Available now on Amazon! Stories of an Everyday Pilgrim is a collection of sixty-eight stories, poems and reflections about God and my everyday life which I wrote before I started this blog. Available in paperback and as an e-book.

Post: The Cat Prayer on Sept 9, 2016 on Godspace.

Post: Peace, Be Still August 19, 2016 reprinted from Stories of an Everyday Pilgrim by Esther Hizsa ©2015

Post: Communion reposted on Godspace March 14, 2016

Post:Responding to the World Contemplatively reposted on Godspace on August 12, 2015

Post: Helping God Save the Earth  reposted on Godspace on August 11, 2015

Post: Bone of My Bone  reposted on Godspace on August 5, 2015.

Post: I Am My Sister’s Keeper  reposted on Godspace on Aug 4, 2015.

Article:  “Crucibles for prayer nurtured inner journey of faith” in Church for Vancouver, Mar 5, 2015.

Journey toward Home.Story: “Peace Dancing” has been published in A Journey toward Home: Soul Travel from Advent to Lent. This book from Mustard Seed Associates is now available to purchase. Kristin Carroccino, who together with Christine Sine, compiled the book from 55 contributors from around the world, writes, “We have received high praise from our endorsers like Michael Frost commenting ‘Wow! What a beautiful resource. I want to use it!’ Mark Pierson added, ‘I will be using this for years to come.’ Universally those we have sent copies to have recommended it for individual, church and small group use.” For more go to http://msainfo.us/resources/#!/Pre-Order-A-Journey-Toward-Home-Soul-Travel-from-Advent-to-Lent/p/43358604/category=1650008

Post: A Retreat with God was also published on Fuel Radio May 3, 2014

Poem: Pilgrimage was also published on Godspace March 13, 2014. Also in my soon to be published book, Stories of an Everyday Pilgrim.

Story: Peace Dancing was published on Godspace Dec 2, 2013. Also in Stories of an Everyday Pilgrim by Esther Hizsa ©2015

Magi Complete Kelly

Eight guest blog posts: Face to Face: Advent Reflections 2013 compiled by Kelly Dycavinu. The first one is here.

Image: Magi-stic Journey © 2013 by Kelly Dycavinu. Used with permission.

Story: Surfin’ USA – Published July 2012 in MB Herald. Also in Stories of an Everyday Pilgrim by Esther Hizsa ©2015


Story: In the Shelter of God’s Wings – Published October 2010 in MB Herald. Also in Stories of an Everyday Pilgrim by Esther Hizsa ©2015

Story: God in the Dark: Theory – Published on soulstream.org
Story: God in the Dark: Practice – Published on soulstream.org
Both are in Stories of an Everyday Pilgrim by Esther Hizsa ©2015

Article: RCA Today article about New Life’s Community Free Store

Ride Your Dreams

Ride Your Dreams: Songs that will hug your heart- 13 children’s songs about Jesus available on Bandcamp. Download for free or pay whatever you like and the money received will be donated to the Burnaby Task Force On Homelessness.

Album photo by Marja Bergen
Banner photo credit: “Miss You Ine” by Karen Tjøstelsdatter http://www.flickr.com/photos/taxeraas/

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