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Insight and Encounter

When our grandson was diagnosed with high functioning autism, we felt like we had cracked a code. We finally understood why he interacts with the world the way he does. With these insights, we can make adjustments that enable him enjoy … Continue reading

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Satisfying the Desires of All

“Insights are a dime a dozen,” Father Richard explained to the small gathering of spiritual directors last Sunday afternoon. “It doesn’t matter so much what an experience in prayer means; what matters is that we stay with God in it.” Relief washed … Continue reading

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DIY Retreat #5: When Israel Was a Child I Loved Her

Here is another one-day prayer/silent retreat outline in the Ignatian tradition prepared by my friend Joy Richardson, a spiritual director in Coquitlam. You can find other  outlines under resources.  Here’s an introduction. “When Israel Was a Child I Loved Her…” Welcome God’s Presence … Continue reading

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The Voice of Love Loving

I woke in the night feeling condemned for overeating. A voice kept at me, relentlessly inflicting guilt and shame. It blamed me for using my addiction to food as an excuse to sin. It called me a hypocrite. I repented and vowed … Continue reading

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God’s Exuberant, Uncontainable Love

God’s crazy about us. If you’ve been reading my blog lately, you’d know that God has me riveted to this theme. God’s exuberance is uncontainable. Recently I stumbled upon this quote by Henri Nouwen, God does not require a pure heart before … Continue reading

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