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The Full Meal Deal

Admit it. We all want the full meal deal: nine gifts of the Spirit, every fruit  in a neat little package with our name printed on it and Christ, the only ingredient listed. We want what those people are having, … Continue reading

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Led Into the Storm

If you haven’t already noticed, I love efficiency. I often look back on the chaotic, haphazard way I’ve arrived at a solution and–with a sigh–see a simpler, more direct route. It’s easy to assume that I did something wrong, it’s … Continue reading

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Life by Way of Mistakes

“Sell the painting that’s worth the most,” I coached our eight-year-old grandson. Methodically, he lifted each small masterpiece in front of him and peeked under them to see their value. He passed over a Cézanne, which I knew was worth ten million dollars because he … Continue reading

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Pilgrim in a Dark Wood

From the crest of the hill, I could see my book aglow in the distance, ready to be purchased at a click. But to get there I would have to travel through the dreaded Valley of Publication. Thankfully, I found good companions … Continue reading

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