In This Precise Location


Howard, Leonard, Penny, Sheldon, and Raj in the TV series Big Bang Theory

I’m into the second week of my cold with little energy to do more than watch Big Bang Theory. I borrowed Season Three from the library and put my feet up. In one episode a guest is invited to Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment. She is about to sit down in the vacant spot on the couch when Howard, Raj, and Leonard gasp in unison. “You can’t sit there! That’s where Sheldon sits.”

“Can’t he sit somewhere else?” the newbie asks as if this were a reasonable possibility. Before Sheldon can explain, Penny, the girl next door who is generally irritated with the obsessively compulsive genius, recites–word for word–Sheldon’s rationale for needing to sit in that precise location. Sheldon is delighted: Penny understands him.

It’s a touching scene and a welcome interlude from my current reality. My cold is getting me down. I’m bothered by things I have said and done and regret the inconveniences I caused others. When I record them in my journal I realize they’re rather minor. The offended will survive. I bet my transgressions are no longer on anyone’s mind but mine. That doesn’t comfort me though. If such little things bother me, I’m not doing very well. 

I’ve felt this way before; it will pass. But in the meantime I wish I weren’t in this overly sensitive place again. I think of all the reasons why I landed in this precise location: not enough prayer or exercise top the list.

I tell God how disappointed I am in myself. And what do I hear in response?

He simply says, “I know.”

Just like Penny, God doesn’t blame, he understands.

Unlike Penny, he can maintain that compassion for a whole episode.



Blessed Trinity,
I receive your love, your presence and this day as a gift from you.
I open my heart to you.
Please lead me deeper into your transforming love
as we live these next hours together.

– Morning Prayer of the SoulStream Community written by Karen Webber


Image of cast of Big Bang Theory from Studio Systems News June 10, 2013
“Moonbeams” by Jessie Wilcox Smith (September 6, 1863 – May 3, 1935)
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Esther is a spiritual director and writer. She lives in Burnaby with her husband, Fred, and they have two grown children and two grandchildren.
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4 Responses to In This Precise Location

  1. Donna Anderson says:

    Dear Esther Ah, yes, He doesn’t blame, He understands. For me, our last time together was about learning to focus on not judging and criticizing and beating on myself but instead learning to love, comfort, accept and even enjoy me – even when I don’t like how I’ve have acted. Since I’ve left you, I have had what feels like constant opportunities to practise this. Whew!! Thanks for being honest in what you are going thru. The perspective you give helps alot. Ever onward. A thought for the day – The Lord says, “The weight of My Presence will be braided into you.” (A tiny part of a prohetic word given by Tim Sheets. It’s on Elijah list today.) Love you, Donna


  2. estherhizsa says:

    Hey Marina & Wendy,
    This one’s for you! BBT rocks.


  3. retropritz says:

    Now if this isn’t a show that can help you to feel better, I don’t know what is. Hope you start to feel better in every way soon! We’ll pray for you.


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